How to make a gim (kinda easy)

So I wanted to make a guide, so this is what I came up with. Some of you may know how to do this, or some may not, but this is my version of how to make a gim without using sentries. This could be complicated, but here we go.

Things needed

the layers button

First Step

this part should be easy. You just need to gather your resources above ^.
Also, you need to set up what your gim will look like.

Second Step

Using the barriers, you first start with 2 rectangles of the smallest size. yes, with borders

Third Step

Now you use medium sized circle barriers. You will need lots of them, to create the shape of gims without borders
also, use the layers button and put the rectangles on the below part, and the circles on above
yes pretty much like that

4th Step

we are almost done!
for this, use another circle (same size) barrier and make it transparent with the visibility
and keep the border on
then click on the layers button and set that barrier to primary
it should look like this so far
now we align it to make it look like this
now do it again and again until it looks like a gim.
ye sure it could look like that


For the eyes, we use the ⬮ symbol.
Thanks cellofive!
sure it a bit big, but now you know how to make some gims!

hope you enjoyed the guide

but not that complicated
not as much as blocks

this is cool, but make sure to credit the oroginal guide. even if you didnt use it at all, its always nice to credit the original creator! :)

nice, but there’s been a lot more guides on this. (@speedy_kd4, check thingy 2.0, i made a post there)

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