How to make a gim family without it hurting you! (Difficulty 2/10 or 🟦 )

hey guys today ima show you how to make a gim family that does not hurt you
first get as many sentry as u want i picked 1 because it faster and easier
second if you want to put the sentry in your house but if not put a floor under the sentry

now go to floor instead of floor mode we gonna do wall mode and make sure the square is 1

now put the square around the floor the sentry is standing on

now start the game and walk near the sentry and see if you take no damage from the sentry to make sure u did it all correctly

and now you got a gim family that doesn’t hurt you if you need to tell me any questions let me know


Nice guide! Alternatively, you could switch the sentry’s team to that of the player’s.

I like the guide! If you are running low on walls, you should add zones with no gadget fire.


Nice job! You could just switch the sentry’s team…

Edit: sorry, @Chong

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Or you could include a barrier around the sentry…
Great guide!

Nice! I would personally do what @Cameron_Sharer said, but this works. Also, @Chong and @wingwave, the reason I don’t like to switch teams is what if it is a team game or FFA.


@Here_to_help That makes sense! Our method is only useful with a co-op game I suppose. :slight_smile:

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Yeah. Had to change for my team game, so I am now used to having the barrier.

i can’t do that because what if it a FFA? then other would get hurt execpt for the player the sentry team is on

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same thing i can’t do that because if it a ffa then other would get hurt

if i just copyed you @Here_to_help i very sorry i didn’t see your comment until now

good idea! i make sure to add that for future tutorial

you could probobly make a no-shooting zone using the zone tool


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You should make the title: How to Make a Friendly Gim Family (Difficulty 2/10 :blue_square:)

This makes the title a little smaller.

The one problem with this is that if people walk overtop of the sentry then the sentry will still shoot.

i like this guide

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hey bro i made walls around the sentry.

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This needs to be BUMPED

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