How to make a game with multiple endings+ text dialogue for characters

So I’ve been playing some creative maps lately, mainly things like getting a snack at 3am, which have more than one ending, and I wonder how do they make them. For the text dialogue, a normal conversation between you and an NPC, or one that grants an ending

Just use popups and make it so that the pop-up that ends the game gets wired to an end game device.(pop-up closed, end game). Don’t use CTAs.

Bad Ending

Your dad catches you

Stay on topic, @Trasch

So how do I make the conversations that you click to move onto the next one?

Or did you already explain

Popup closed, open popup

Thanks. What does the call to action mean?

That’s the buttons that do stuff.

they are the options in the popups. they can broadcast on channels and/or be connected with wires.

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