How To Make A Functional Pipe Like From Super Mario

Hello! In this Guide, I will be showing you how to make a simple green pipe, like from Mario. Then I will show you how to make it teleport the player, suggested by @JohanGim and @VO1D.

The Pipe

First, make a green T shape with barriers. The RGB of my example is 0, 133, 9
Screenshot 2024-06-09 2.19.00 PM
Now copy it, make it black, and put it a bit lower and to the right than the other one. Make sure to layer it!
Screenshot 2024-06-09 2.21.00 PM

The Funtionality

Add a button to the top and make it invisible, as well as expand its range.
Screenshot 2024-06-09 2.31.50 PM
Screenshot 2024-06-09 2.32.12 PM
Screenshot 2024-06-09 2.31.43 PM
Duplicate it, and add a teleporter on the other one.
Screenshot 2024-06-09 2.33.25 PM
Finally, wire them up.
Screenshot 2024-06-09 2.33.44 PM

Piranha Plant

To make a piranha plant, copy this and

This is my first guide! If there is a guide on this already, I’m sorry, I searched but I may not have seen everything.
Thanks for reading,


Great guide! I didn’t think of using black barriers as shadow
I love Mario

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This is a short guide.
But mini-guide tag is so Op it gets those people out of getting flagged.
Great guide though.

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oh. sorry. I’m not sure how to make it longer tho

Try implementing a function for the pipe like how it works in Mario?


You could add an invisible button saying “enter pipe” and when you click it you get sent somewhere else

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Yeah, that sounds cool. Or you could add a zone instead of a button.

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Well the reason I said a button is because in Mario when you go on a pipe you have to crouch you don’t just instantly go through it

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Oh. Yeah.

Btw, to make summaries, do [ details=whatyouwant ] and then on another line, [ /details ]. Everything in between them will be in the summary. Also get rid of the spaces next to these > [ ]

This is awesome, because

A. Mario
B. Shading

If you wanna make the guide bigger, then just you can explain what happens if you want the pipe to lead to another place aside from the other pipe or how a piranha plant would work.

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this is nice, but since this isn’t just art, i’ll be moving this to guides

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couldn’t the player just jump over tho…

Awesome guide!

I mean yeah, but you don’t have to go into the secret pipe in Mario.

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