How to make a forever loop

The title says all…
this sentence is to do something

what in the world is this

use repeaters, Idk I’m not good with devices

somebody asking for help

use wire repeaters connected w/ wires

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes.

uhhhh can you be a little more clearer and specific?

life cycle set it to event occurs transmit on channel start game repeater whatever setting you want but make the repeater start on recieving start game channel and make it stop after recieving on channel then there you have yourself a loop just connect it to whatever you want and then bam! you got yourself an infinite loop of whatever you want to happen i guess

oh, thanks a lot :grin:


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If you want to save memory, you could also use two triggers instead of a repeater. Just wire them to each other, so when one is triggered, the other one gets triggered.

You can have a trigger trigger itself with a wire repeater.

  1. Use a lifecycle set to “Game Start” and wire it to a wire repeater.

  2. Wire the wire repeater to another wire repeater.

  3. Wire the second wire repeater back to the first one.

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