How to make a fight sequence happen?

So, I’m trying to make an RPG game, but instead of the boring Gimkit way of fighting, I want to spice it upa bit, and makes an actual fight sequence. Thoughts or ideas on how I should do this?

Use this?

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What do you mean by spicing it up? Do you have any ideas in mind?

Edit: oh sorry. I didn’t read the title. Yeah you could use the links @Haiasi posted. Also, remember to search for an answer for your question before posting about it. It can prevent clutter and off-topic posts.

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Welcome to the forum! What kind of fighting/gameplay does your game have?


It doesn’t have turn based fighting, although I don’t know how to describe the fighting that I want to implement.

what is rpg again (stupid question I know)

rpg means role play game. So like a roblox or simulator style game.

this is basically what it is

ok ill think of ideas.

We have a pokemon tag and resources for it: