How To Make A Fight In Gimkit!

My title was quite vague, but this basically encapsulates the idea of the subject: making a fight. This will involve lots of props covered in the picture and some minor technical details, but otherwise providing a nice way to set up a fight. I did do under very minor circumstances, but this can also be used as a team battle game setup.

First, you need two sentries, both on teams separate from your players, so they’ll fight your players as well as each other! They can have different settings, but this is all you need. Next, you can create a barrier dividing them, or nothing. This is the gist of it.

For the technical stuff, you need to add a trigger at the line where your players will be standing or running, or just across the battle if it’s open. I put a counter across it and set the target to 2. Both the counter and the triggers are not visible in game. When you player steps on two of them, something will happen, like a notification, and item granted, or otherwise! This can be the base of a game, or just a fun little side part, but if used creatively can be incredibly helpful!



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