How to Make a Fetch Quest NPC (Difficulty: 2/10 🟩) unfinished

Here Is How To Make a Fetch Quest NPC!

Required Devices
X3 Buttons
X4 Popups
X1 Item Granter
X1 Prop Of Choice
X1 Sentry
X1 Vending Machine

Connect Wires As Shown

Wire Button 1 To Starting Text (Open Pop-up)
Wire Starting Text To Button 1 (Deactivate Button)
Wire Starting Text To Deactivated Button (Activate Button)
Wire Button 2 To Talk Again (Open Pop-up)
Wire talk again text to Vending Machine (Call To Action 1)
Wire Vending Machine to No Item Found Text (Failed To Purchase)
Wire Vending Machine To Item Found Text (Item Purchased)

Wire Button 3 To Prop Of choice (Hide When Pushed)
Wire Button 3 To Item Granter (Grant Item When Pushed)

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You should edit the code out of the picture, and is the guide finished?

didn’t VoidFluffy make a guide on this already?
(Basic Quest Guide (difficulty ?) - #50 by VoidFluffy)