Basic Quest Guide (difficulty ?)


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don’t start that back up

Was there already one?
there was my bad


yes I am correting grammar, lol

sorreting → correcting
naur just naur
(not trying to be mean)


Quick random question, would a around 3-step mini guide get flagged for something (I want to make one)

I will just plainly ignore that.

There was, my bad
Notice the implied comma in coral’s

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Why? WolfTechnology

Yes, it is to short a mini guide needs at least 5 steps or points.

Ok I did not know my bad

I think there was some guide about having some small guides in it, you could add it there, or just add a bunch of images to longer your guide

short* mini*

I typed it right, idkw it does that.

Your good.

You are actually doing it on purpose, I think. Idk* you’re

no idkw means, i don’t know why, and your is slang, not to be grammatically correct.

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…How about we don’t make my post a grammar war…

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void bump : )