How to make a Faster Repeater [RESOLVED]

Does anyone know how to make a task repeat faster than the 0.5 repeater minimum?

Put a trigger that will trigger whatever is supposed to happen.
Put down a wire repeater, connect the trigger to the wire repeater, and select triggered.
Then connect the wire repeater to the trigger, and select trigger.
Give the wire repeater a delay of 0.1 seconds (or any other amount.)

Thank you so much! I really need this for my game!

Wait what about a delay of 0 seconds? Would that cause it to trigger every 2-3 frames?

A delay of 0 seconds doesn’t seem to work, nothing happens.

Dang. That would have been cool.

So this wouldn’t work for me anyone know why

What exactly isn’t working?

The repeating part it never starts

What is connected to the trigger other than the wire repeater? Did you make sure the trigger is connected to the wire repeater and the wire repeater is connected to the trigger?

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yes i did and i have tried an item dispenser and a health granter

I meant which device triggers the trigger other than the wire repeater?

I have a lifecycle making it start the trigger


did i do that right???

You might have to connect the trigger to a relay set to all players first, then the relay to the health granter to make it trigger for everyone.

What is the delay in the wire repeater? Is it 0?

So like this? @NavyCatZ
And no it is 0.1


it is still not working in this configuration

What are the wire settings?