How to Make a Double-Edged Sword ⚔

En Guard! Cause today we’re making a double-edged sword, double ow!
First get a lifecycle and set it to when player fires gadget

Next, have some sort of a way for when they get a gadget, whether it’s item granter, item spawner or starting inventory, when they have the gadget, and they fire it, it triggers the lifecycle.
Now get the Damager device. Wire the lifecycle to the Damager. The damage it does could vary or be the same for all gadgets based on your preference!
Goodbye and have a good day!
I’ve read other guides and this is pretty short but this is an easy mechanic so it doesn’t take much time, please don’t take this down!


wowzers. this is a guide.


Good guide! Maybe try using more pictures next time, and the forums use easy anymore, so I would remove that and replace it with mini-guide.

what is this supposed to do?

ok damage yourself when you attack…

there are guides on this already…

and this is short…

if my guide and grammarpolice’s guide and the other guide on invisible lasers all got flagged…

am I just unlucky, or is this guide actually useful compared to the others…

society is unfair. womp womp I guess.

For all the people who are going to say “it’s too short”…

and, even if a guide is short, that doesn’t matter as long as it’s well-explained and helpful.

Cool guide!

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en guard!
this is a really nice and simple guide

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