How to make a door you can break into!

Just a note, read the guide before you say this has been made before.

First, make your door:

Then, add a button, label it “Break in!”
Make the button teleport you to a small room covered with a no collision barrier, and barriers on the side, add a camera view, make the room as small as possible, layer EVERYTHING ABOVE the player. Make a metal sign in the middle of it, and get out 3 buttons. Set the alpha of the barriers to 1.00, no borders!

Place 3 metal poles, the one in red is active on game start, and it activates on “reset”. The others deactivate on “reset” and aren’t active on game start:

Make a button, label it “push”, the button deactivates the metal pole in red and activates the next one, it also activates another button that does the same thing again, repeat until each one of your metal poles have a button.
Then, when the last one is pressed, you wait two seconds, then teleport into the place that the door was blocking.


It’s probably just me but, I feel like that been made before

btw, I read that.

Link the guide that was made before

Like I said, its probably just me - (I forgot the name) I swear reading that last line somewhere else though.

I found 3, I haven’t fully read them though.

Yea, but it’s not the same thing. (I read the whole thing)

Ok, sorry then. This is a good guide. (Ran out of likes)

None of them are the same, they all are password needed doors or an item needed door

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I pretty much said that, but yeah.

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Sorry, the one time I don’t fully read something I’m wrong. A life lesson for all.


You should change the name to “How to make a door you can break into” or something. Isn’t really clear by the title. Also, you can do this with props.

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That’s true

Also I checked for guides like this and there’s a guide for banks. Its made by the same person lol.

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