How to make a "door" system that takes away an item

You will need 4 items for this.

  • 1 Item Granter
  • 1 Zone
  • 1 Trigger
  • 1 Item Spawner
    You will also need a room with a 1-3 block space for the zone.
The Items and Settings

Step 1
Place down the zone in the gap. Make sure your zone goes all the way to the end of the gap.
Step 2
Place down your item granter anywhere near the zone. Adjust its settings like this:
Item: (whatever item)
Amount to Grant: -1
Step 3
Place down the trigger right next to the door inside of the room. Adjust the settings:
Visible In Game: Yes
Make sure it’s triggered by player collision.
Step 4
Place down the item spawner inside!!! of the room. Adjust the settings:
Item: (same item as item granter)
Make sure they are the same rarity, or it won’t work.


Step 1(again)
Connect the zone to the item granter with a wire. Set it like this:
When player enters zone → Grant Item
Step 2
Wire the trigger to the zone. Set it like this:
Triggered–> Activate zone
(The item spawner doesn’t need to be wired.)

And you’re done! Here is the full thing for reference. (I wish I could put more pictures :frowning: )

This is my first guide, feel free to criticize!

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