How to make a door like star wars (Difficulty ?)

Have anyone of you guys out there ever wanted to make it to where you shoot a control panel and it unlocks a door? Well now you can!

Here are the materials needed:
Some kind of prop that has an alternative x1 + x1 alternative
Barrier x1
Starting inventory x1

Let’s get right to it!

Step 1. You need to have some kind of room set up with a barrier as a door and a control panel of some sort with a destroyed version, like this:

Step 2. Separate the control panel and it’s duplicates, like this:

Step 3. Make the activated panel damageable.
Step 4. Make the second control panel (the destroyed one) not visible on game start, like this:

Step 5. Wire the active control panel to the destroyed one like this:

Step 6. Wire the destroyed control panel to the barrier like this:

After that, you should be complete with the necessities.

The optional bit

Ah! So you want more! If you don’t already, here is how to make the player on game start, have a weapon.
Step 1 (also the only step) Place a starting inventory and put a weapon of some sort like this:

After all of this, everything should look like this:

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This is pretty cool!

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if you have the non-destroyed command table on top of the destroyed one, you don’t even have to have the destroyed one be hidden at first

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btw, you forgot to add that after doing the wiring you should move the command tables on top of each other

@Argo77 command_list

@Argo77 command_list

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