How to make a dining room

Nice guide! It is really short, so you may want to tell people what to add, some suggestions…etc

Maybe try to explain more how to make it?

And welcome to the forums @moonpool !

um ok!its really easy!you just need a table,bread,ect and you put it on the table but you cant put it up to high because it will disappear!

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Also, it might be better to make art here to reduce clutter.


ok!i will try to do that

This is considered and showcase, so before it gets flagged, I recemend you show how you made it, and I would use the wooden tables, metal cups in different placements, bowls, plates, bread, fruit, cheese, and wooden benches to make the dinning room look more realistic, yet medival.

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OK!thanks for the help im making this map for my best friend’s birthday!


Nice, let me know if you need any design help or tips, just ping me @WolfTechnology.

ok!i will!@wolftechnology

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@wolftechnology im making a bed room but i don’t know what to put in it can you help?

Well, put beds, candles, nightstand, window, etc. just think about what’s in your bedroom.

i share a room with my sis so its just buch of random

Think about what furniture you have in there. Or think of bedrooms you’ve been in, or search up bedroom online.

a bunch of random things

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ok!thanks for the tips!

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Thanks!for helping!:slight_smile:

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I found it a little hard to understand because of 2 things.

1: there’s no directions to follow about how to make the dining room.

2: the three photos at the end just show you taking bread off a table and deleting it.