How to make a device that can kill all players but leave you alive

Im making a war map were if you get enough energy you can eventually by a
bomb to kill every player gaining one team an extra point

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Welcome to the forum, @WAITINGFERRET63 ! Have you tried using respawn devices?

No how do i but i also need to know how to kill everyplayer at once except the one that bought the bomb

Welcome to the forum @WAITINGFERRET63! You can try this, How to make a bomb for your escape room map! (Difficulty::orange_square:) - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative for the bomb and edit it to how you think it will work for you if you have any questions just ping us!

Also make sure to look into the new-user-must-read and forum-tips!

Use an all other player relay wired to a respawn.

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Trigger β†’ relay (all other players) β†’ respawn.

Thank you all for helping me

welcome to the community @WAITINGFERRET63. If you need any help with your gimkit creative maps, you can get help here. hope you enjoy your time here. Remember to mark a solution.

A spectator team switcher works if you don’t want them to respawn

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