How to make a custom Gim (Not from the shop)

Do any of you folks know how to make a custom Gim? I have no idea if it is even possible. But still,

The impossible is always possible if you try. :smiley:
Impossible, Turned Possible.

You can use pixelart or email

I mean like the characters from the shop. If you know what I am talking about, what pixel art?

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I’ve used that. It was the best guide yet, but I don’t mean on the map. I mean to wear. I don’t even know if this should be on the forum.

Well it’s a bit off-topic but you can email for a gim idea but there’s a low chance it’ll get accepted.

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Hi there! You can just use the circular barriers for the body (and eyes) and rectangular barriers for the legs. Hope this helps!

i’m not sure u read the whole thing. i’m sorry if it’s confusing

He means to make custom gims that you can wear…

Oh then you’d need the player appearance changer device that hasn’t been added yet. It is the thing that changes the skin of the cursed to the frozen mummy skin.

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not in the map. I am so sorry.

With the player changer device you can change the players’ skin. However as this has not been added yet, you’ll just have to wait or email gimkit.

I mean llike this:

I want to make my own.

You can’t do that yet. You can email gimkit for a skin idea but it probably won’t get accepted. Please mark a soulution to close this post.

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