How to make a creative game's host select the Kit?(Solved)

Pls help, I am making my first game

So make a spawn pad that’s only for host to spawn on and make it so that the room host spawns in has different choices to choose different games.
For the choosing different games part I would go with button → relay → teleporter

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So put 1 lifecycle on game start, then make it trigger a channel
Make a relay on specific player (host) on that channel. When it is triggered, make it trigger another channel and open a popup when that happens!
You can switch between popups if there are more than 2.
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No, I mean the host choose the Kit

Oh then that’s easy
Go to Home Gimkit
Then go to the kits section
Press Play Live on whatever Kit you want
If you want to play other people’s kits go to the search bar and search up kits and press Play Live.

Oh, you can’t do this sorry!
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They can do that before they start the game if it’s published

They mean in game creative, @Taylor_Swift_Lover13 and @THEHACKER120

Remember the methods above only work in showcase links and maps where the creator hosts, NOT in published maps

Yeah that is what I mean

I meant after you publish the game

@ABCD Can you please show me how to make the “Use your own kit” option like yours has

If you are planning to publish, you could put a questioner without the kit and choose like this:

So that happens when you put no link in the questioner.

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