How to make a counter broadcasting on a channel each time it increments

the title explains it all

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Might have to do something with the zone because I saw @Chumbucket did that with one of his maps.
Mark as a solution if this helps.

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what zone?

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I think they are says like if someone reaches that point then it says like, CyanTigerReigns reached this point.(like that?)

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wrong topic?

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looks like that

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no not like check points more like eachtime a counter reaches a certain number it does something

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ahh, I see.

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Next time, can you put the question in the body of the post and put a summary in the title? For the question itself, the counter only increments when it receives a wire pulse or channel. So make a wire with the same settings or the channel that increases the counter go to a trigger doing your thing.


my brain could not understand that but i will try the killstreak guide see if i can use that to my advantage


Lemme see if I can find something.


Jul 2

You could put a spawn pad, and then use block code to detect which checkpoint you have gone through last using properties, and then use a trigger to detect said property and teleport you to the corresponding checkpoint/teleporter.

Does that help? credit goes to @WhoAmI

So the counter only increments if it receives a message, right? So make the thing sending the message send a message to another device that broadcasts on a channel.

whats a counter broadcast?

Like it broadcasts on a channel.

oh well i didnt know if it was a special block code thing.

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oh ok thanks i though i would create an alternate way for a speed killstreak that would reset when killed like different speeds eachtime a player kills someone

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