How to make a cool text fade effect [🟩]

First, we add the text we want

then we added two zones because I don’t like using channels

we have to make one bigger than the other one, then add a wire from the bigger zone to the text saying

than we have a wire the the smaller zone saying

then stack the zone onto each other and there you go!

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Just wondering if was this white or green, because it does use wires, but I feel it should still be white because it’s very simple.

White is usually reserved for art guides, so green is fine

Thanks @PotionMaster! Good to know.

Nice first guide, @McDonaldsCEO! Good to see you already helping the forum!

I appreciate it @wingwave, :tada: I currently am using this system in my art map and whenever you get close to the art(text and props) they appear, I feel it adds more because you actually have to go up to something to see it, it’s not just in your peripheral vision.:tada:

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Nice guide! although I don’t know what you mean by “I don’t like using channels” because I don’t think there is any channel use that can be used instead

@Aubec7 I mean you could make the zone send messages to channels when entering and exiting a zone, and make the text disappear/appear when those channels receive the messages

for example, this could be the settings for the text

and this could be the settings for the zone

oh ok, isn’t that easier though?

yes, it is easier, I just prefer using wires to channels, because than there are 30,000 channels when you are done with the map, and if there is a bug you have to fix 29,999 out of the 30,000 channels, :rofl: :rofl: : :rofl:


I guess that’s true ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Nice guide, @McDonaldsCEO! Hope we get to see more of your work!

Nice guide, @McDonaldsCEO!


Nice Guide @McDonaldsCEO !

Nice guide @McDonaldsCEO!

(I’m doing three “Great guides quotes”)


Nice guide @McDonaldsCEO! Oh wait… that’s me. Oops!

Also BUMP!


you know what would look good for this guide? A video showing it in action.

How do I make zones different sizes?

click the zone and go to the bottom left and hit resize

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Click on the zone and press change size.

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