How to make a concept of Stealing Health with the Tag Zone [2/10]

Hello there and welcome to the Guide of Stealing Health with the Tag Zone!
Thanks to the Health Granter and Damager Device, we can make this fully possible!
Now lets get into it.

Devices Required

1x Tag Zone
1x Game Overlay
1x Wire Repeater
1x Health Granter
1x Damager

The Actual Guide

Step 1. Place down the Tag Zone, set the “Respawn When Tagged” Setting to No, Set the “Active on Game Start” Setting to No, keep everything else the same.

Step 2. Place down a Game Overlay:

  • Must be a button
  • Says “Steal Health”
  • Implement it to only be visible to corresponding team the tag zone has

Step 3. Wire the Game Overlay to the Tag Zone:

Button Pressed > Activate Tag Zone

Step 4. Get a wire repeater that has a delay of 0.1 seconds.

Step 5. Wire the Game Overlay to the Wire Repeater to the Tag Zone:

Button Pressed > Repeat the Wire Pulse! ; When the wire repeater receives a pulse... > Deactivate Tag Zone

Step 6. Get out a Health Granter and wire the Tag Zone to the Health Granter:

Player tags someone > Grant player health

Step 7. Get out a damager device and wire the Tag Zone to the Damager:

Player gets tagged by someone else > Damage Player

Your Done!

How it works

When the game overlay is pressed, it activates the tag zone.
The wire repeater also receives a pulse and waits 0.1 seconds before deactivating the Tag Zone.
If a player is tagged, it sends two transmissions:
It sends a pulse to the Health Granter to give the tagging player the Health.
It sends a pulse to the Damager to remove the tagged player’s Health.


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