How to make a collectable only be able to be collected once until they die

How can you make a collectable only be collected once and not any more times until they die?

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Welllll you make the collectible only activate once, then yu have a knockout that will transmit on a channel to reactivate it

i think


It does not work so like, um , any other ideas? I gotta go AFK in 5 mins.

Use a relay with that system?

Could you show me how it and the wires would work?

Could you make it once the button is pushed then it deactivates it and respawn you can click it again.


you could do this

The wires will look like this…

Then you are done

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If you want it so when they respawn they can click it again you can place a zone under the spawn pad and wire it to the button so when they respawn they can click it again
like this…


This would work great but you’re doing it with an item granter. I’m doing it with a cheese plate. How would that work?

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Can you explain a bit more.
Is the cheese plate an item?


It is a prop.


You cannot make a prop (in this case the cheese plate) into a collectible item


Just activate and deactivate the prop.

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Sorry, @1109628 I meant a text with a cheese plate emoji

Make the text hide when a player on a specific team dies?
Do you know the devices and blockcode?
If not, I can walk you through it.

I don’t know the devices and the blockcode, @Haiasi

Could you put the steps in here cuz rn I’m trying to make a voting system. (if u put it in rn ill look at it later)

(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out —> (Trigger) Trigger


if Triggering Player’s Team Number = #
do Broadcast Message On Channel “hidetext”
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