How to make a cobblestone generator [Difficulty:🟦]

As GKC looks very blocky, it would make sense if someone wanted to make a Minecraft map. However, I never see guides on what to add to such a map. So, here is a guide on how to make a cobblestone generator.

Devices needed:
1x Button
1x Item Granter
1x Game Overlay
1x Wire

Firstly, make the cobblestone generator. I would recommend using Plastic (Red) for lava, and Speckled Gray for the cobblestone. However, this set up is fully customizable, so it doesn’t have to be a cobblestone generator necessarily.
Screenshot 2024-01-10 1.43.56 PM

Now, we need to make it function, of course. First, we need to add a button. It will be invisible when the game starts. Set the interaction speed to whatever you want. I left it on “1 Second”. Ignore the wire for now, as that is for the next step.
Screenshot 2024-01-10 1.52.01 PM
Secondly, get an item granter. Since there is no “stone” item, I used Tan Seeds as a placeholder. However, like I said before, this is fully customizable, so it can be whatever you want. Set the amount of items you want to acquire from one interaction.
Screenshot 2024-01-10 1.55.59 PM

Lastly, get a Game Overlay. Set the Overlay to “Tracked Item”, and have it track the item in the Item Granter. No wires are needed to connect the Overlay to the Granter.

And that’s how you make a cobblestone generator. If you have any questions, please ask away!


Nice guide,
I would also call this an art guide sort-of but not really as it inspires from Minecraft.


you should replace the ideas tag with minecraft as the ideas tag is mostly for Help topics.


I’ll add that tag then.

Oh, I had no idea there was a Minecraft tag, thanks for letting me know!

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Please don’t make guides that are this easy since it’s just some terrain and a button wired to an item granter.

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Sorry about that, just wanted to help anyone that may have had a problem making something like this.

I appreciate you trying to help, but most people don’t need help with things this easy. If they do have a problem like that, they can post in help.

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uh oh
people contradicting guides again

I say we keep this guide since they made it because they want to help people.
Plus, not everyone knows how to use GImkit

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If they don’t, they make a help topic…

Which then we would need to spend more time typing out words to help people.

But the purpose of Community Made Guides is to make these guides linkable thus making forum help easier

Come on. We aren’t supposed to be lazy. Simply linking a guide isn’t as welcoming as at least saying what to do on the topic itself.