How to make a class system

First, what is a class system?
A class system lets a player select a certain loadout (or class) that they can use in battle. This would force them to use that weapon and no others unless they reset their class.

First, you will need a few buttons to give a class. Set the buttons to send a signal (found under the “channels” tab) when they are pressed and to deactivate when they receive the signal(channel) they sent. Finally, set the buttons to reactivate when a signal is received (This will be X, for this guide). Do this for all of the buttons and have their scope set to the player. Finally, attach the buttons to item granters with weapons in them, and when a class is selected, they cant get another weapon

To make a reset class button, have it so that when it’s pressed it sends out X to all the buttons. Then use item granters to remove Every single weapon from the player when X is pressed and you’ll be done.

You can make a system to change the type of ammo granted when a class is selected, but that will be in another guide and takes a while to explain

Nice first guide, but you might want to add images to make the guide longer and a bit more understandable for newer users.


Nice first guide @Mineflyer !

You have no idea how long it would take to explain the selective ammo granting system i made. This is a tiny thing compared to that

This is like a 4th of my system i used to both upgrade and select ammo types. took me over 2 hours i will never get back

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Nice guide, @Mineflyer

nice guide! Remember, pictures are powerful!

After hearing and getting a citation to my guide, is there anything you want me to find out how to fix with it?