How To Make A Chase Scene!

How you can make a chase scene in Gimkit creative!
What you need:
Zone ( 3x )
Sentry (3x)

First, make sure all your sentry’s aren’t active on game start. then, place all your sentry’s and zones. place them so they look like this:
Screenshot 2024-04-30 8.22.00 AM
Once you do that, wire the zone to the sentry.
when player enters zone → Activate sentry.
Do that for the entire thing.
then, wire the zones to the previous sentrys-
when player enters zone → deactivate sentry.
it SHOULD look something like this:

now when you go through it, it should look like the sentry is chasing after you!
it is a very short chase, and you can only go through it once. but it would be useful for poppy playtime type chase scenes, horror games, and more!

You might need to elaborate more. This is short and may get flagged. It is a good concept, but elaboration, please. Good guide though!

sorry, couldn’t find anything else to add to make it longer- but I will try to make my guides longer next time.

Maybe try adding a respawn system?

noice guide

feel like this should have mini-guide

seek chase music from doors intensifies