How to make a certain player is a killer

so im making a dead by-daylight game but I’m having trouble making it where there a “killer” and there’s only one to make sure its even and the rest are players how do I set it up where there’s only one killer one team and they rest of the players are not killers BONUS also is it possible where the killer has a certain amount of health and not killers have only default health how do I do that

Lifecycle → Relay (random player) → Team Switcher (team 2)

game mode must be cooperative.

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set up a relay and a lifecycle, on the lifecycle wire it to the relay and make it random player the wire the relay to a team switcher to switch the random player the relay chose to whatever team the killer is on.

Okay, first question.

Second question.
Go to map options and look at these settings:
Then, set a relay to ‘All Players on Specific Team’ (Team 2) that activates on lifecycle(game start)
Thrid, we are gonna make a health granter that recieves on that channel so that we can grant the imposter team any amount of health we want!

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