How to make a cartography room! difficulty 0/10

so most is gonna be explained with the screenshot im about to show you but i´ll have to explain some things first so i dont get flagged for a short guide some wooden signs that have the darker brown color have rgb settings of 150:75:0 and i used an emoji for the compass and lastly i used a brown 0.4 transparency barrier to tint it and here is the screen shot

and sorry my gim is covering up the compass and part of the map
anyways have a good day meow! :3


Thats really cool!!


Very nice, it kinda looks like one of those guild rooms in arpgs, or some merchant room in those dungeon crawlers in old styled 8 bit games which I very much enjoy.


I agree! Very good room design.


thank you guys! <3


That is soooo cool!!


Nice! I recommend filler the the back wall with book shelfs and adding a large table, for like meetings, and small ones to hold books on the walls of the room.


maybe… for now i´ll just leave it as it is rn

Alright, I just was giving you some info. I can’t really help not being able to find and give improvements.

This is really cool, I like the old dusty theme.

yeah its fine i sometimes have the same habit

Nice art guide, @Blackfox45666 !

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Yeah, it reminds me of the 19th century.

Nice guide Blackfox, it reminds me of when my friends went medieval for a few days(kind of fun though)

hi black_cat!!! havent seen ya in a while and thanks for the compliment! email me if ya need anything i´ll be checking a bit more seeing as i need to pay attention to my emails a bit more (also member chats has been disabled on the wix so i added you to a hidden group)but anyways to keep this on topic you still need help with that map right? you can make a help topic if you want @4r33

Thanks, I’ll keep you in mind

But with the barrier, you can’t enter it. Other than that, THIS IS GENIUS!

One can disable the barrier when making it so you can go inside;

I guess, then turn the barrier on when maybe a player teleports in…

Nice Guide! Might use this as a secret room…

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