How to make a cannon

  • Wooden Wagon (Barrel)
  • Regular Barrel
  • Laser (2)
  • 1 button
  • Wire Repeater (2)
  • Coal Sack (Optional)
How to make it

First, configure 1 laser as shown:
Screen Shot 2023-11-19 at 6.33.29 PM

Also make sure that it shows only the starting point of the laser and make sure it is on at the start of the game.

Then turn the barrel sideways and put it like this + the laser:

That will be the main cannon. Configure the button as shown.

Then wire the button to the wire repeater and set the wire repeater to 0.1 delay.
Wire the button to the 1st laser, aka the laser you put on the main cannon like this:

Now for the second part.

Configure the second laser as shown. Make sure you put it to not activated on game start.

Screen Shot 2023-11-19 at 6.40.25 PM

Wire the wire repeater to the 2nd laser (above) like this:

Uploading: Screen Shot 2023-11-19 at 6.41.17 PM.png…

Now configure the button like this:

Wire the 1st wire repeater to the second. Set the second wire repeater to delay 1.0 or 1 second. And wire the 2nd wire repeater like this: (On the second laser, wire it so that the second laser is off)

Then wire it to a button, like this:

(Yeah, I know that the button part was completely unnecessary, but keep it that way.)

Place the coal sack next to the cannon, and the final product should look something like this:

Happy building!

Peace out :wink:

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Nice guide! That actually looks sweet!

I edited it, because I needed to make the second laser turn off, but thanks!

Nice Guide!

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Nice guide! Looks cool

Didn’t @RektRainbow put this in the reuse props guide?

He did?

My design is different. I used a wagon instead of a large barrel prop. Plus I added a barrel, and turned it into a cannon. I didn’t see this post anyway.

I think it’s a bit different and also uses some devices


I wasn’t judging, I was just asking.

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To answer your question, he made a version of it.

But since mine was totally different, it is not considered copywriting.

Amazing design!

Sweet! I like it how you made it controllable!


Nice guide!

Thanks for the guide, I think this could definitely be used for some games like PVP or defense games, like a capture the flag/medieval(!) games.

I wandered into a military base and bumped into a cannon


Um guys not trying to be rude but I don’t think this is good for your map as it could get you banned for inapropiateness due to it being a weapon of some sort