How to make a button host-only (0/10 or ⬜)

This can be useful for games that are host versus players, or any scenario where the host has special privileges (like, for example, a force game start button).

Materials Needed

You will need:

  • 1 lifecycle
  • 1 button (or whatever you’re making host-only; this guide will assume that a button is being used)
Step 1

Place down the lifecycle. Set the listener to ‘game start’ and transmit on a channel, ‘host’ for example.

Step 2

Place down the button. Set the scope to ‘player’, and make the button not active on game start. Set the button to activate when receiving on ‘host’, or whichever channel you chose.

And there you have it! I used a button, but you can use any device you want, as long as it has scope options. This works because the game start lifecycle only transmits on the host’s channel. If you want the game start lifecycle to transmit on something for everyone, you can use a relay, but that’s a tutorial for another time.

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Okay, now I’m polling to see if I should do this. I haven’t checked yet, but if it’s already been made I won’t.

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i dont see how this is a 4/10
this is rlly simple yet effective
also u could add pictures!


Yes, I think adding some (not a lot) of pictures can help.

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nice guide! I didn’t know that the lifecycle only transmits on the host’s channel…

huh? when did that happen…

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??? what?

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Great Guide! I forgot you could leave the host with the channel without any relays!


most people don’t even know that the lifecycle only applies to the host

also @Kosm0-o, we do still rate guides, so if you hear that from wolf again, kindly tell him that we still do it (would’ve said something else but no)


thx for letting me know. also WolfTech left…

It does, but only if it’s set togame start.

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I’m pretty sure 0/10 is only for art guides… This should be 1/10.


not to get off-track, but if someone has an art guide, do they post it in art or community made guides


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It’s more of a trend rather than a rule.

I’d put it in community-made guides.

Thanks! This is a great and easy guide to use! I had no idea why Gimkit even had channels until I saw this lol.


after a guide is bumped I wonder if people actually use it more, or it just gets more likes and stuff