How to make a bunker survival game

Im making the roblox version of 60 seconds in gimkit. But i need help with ideas for randomized events in game… and how with picture examples do I make vents where as they shut you get slower and if all three get shut you are very slow (low oxygen) and you can check inside vents where robbers, raiders, and mutant bugs try to get inside…and you can even place traps to stop bugs…(this is surrvival game)

so in summary
bugs try to enter vent with three stages of getting close…if vent not shut after 3rd they get inside and attack…
raiders try to steal materials 3 stages like bugs
raiders attack wth 3 stages of entry attempting like bugs
you must shut vents to keep em out
too many vents shut you get slow from low oxygen

Sounds like block code to me.

you have a speed modifier wired to teh vent do(prop or barrier) and hve when prop/barrier activate–switch speed(slower).

the vent thing, no thats simple. And nice to see that your back too! must be a day of old.

yeah i got that but when i do the steps like in real game where they slowly move closer (3 positions/moves) it goes crazy…i am one of the few known at doing randomizers mixed with animation mixed with game functions and even I cannot do it and ive done stuff like this for tons of people…when im asking for help with randomizers and animation you know somethings happening.

Oh ok thx.

Welcome back :slight_smile:


maybe use block code

Wolf said it was not needed.

its not, plus what would it do to benefit?

Then maybe try using a zone so when they enter the vent an zone is there that stretchs for the whole vent and have it when player leaves zone, speed goes back to normal.

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