How to make a bunker-Difficulty 1/10 🟦

This is all you need for the bunker above the ground

These are the settings for the teleporter

and these are for the Escape Hatch
Then make sure you put the teleporter under the escape hatch


@DrGoose79 Nice guide! Keep up the good work!

Nice first guide @Idot!

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This is for the difficulty

I love this! It also would be funny because there are metal can props, and there’s a trope that all bunkers have entire shelves filled with cans of beans, lol

That would be a good idea!

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Those are props search metal tin.

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yes, i know they are props, that’s why I mentioned it : )

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@Idot Don’t forget to put the difficulty in the title!

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good job bro, very cool!

also welcome to the forum @Idot !

Oops sorry forgot to put that their, Lol

Dont worry about it!

I put it on there for you.


Nice guide!

I made a little interior : P
Screenshot 2023-11-08 1.02.39 PM

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Very Nice!

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Screenshot 2023-11-08 1.15.35 PM
here’s the outside

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Wow This is Amazing Work I can’t wait to see what other things you make!

Thank you! I was trying to find things to make and you inspired me to make another larger build to add to my archive*!
*I have a map that I put all the custom props/scenes I make in, in case I wanna make a guide on it later

Nice art!