How To Make A Bridge

In this guide, I’ll be teaching you all how to make a bridge. First, make your bridge with props(all activating on “activate real bridge” deactivating on “deactivate real bridge). Next, make it again but with an opacity of .2. Make it activate and deactivate on the same channels but instead of real, put fake. The fake bridge’s collision should be turned off and be inactive on game start.

Make a laser at both entries underneath it. The lasers should both be black and all paths/endpoints should be hidden. Make sure the hitbox, not the laser is the length of the bridge. Make them both broadcast on “switch bridge”. Make a counter default 0 and target 1. It should edit a property named “Laser State”. Make the counter broadcast on “Reset Bridge Counter” when reaching the target. The counter should reset on “Reset Bridge Counter”. Make a checker check on “switch bridge”. It should check if “Laser State” is equal to 1. If it is, then it should broadcast on “Set Fake Bridge”. If it isn’t (check fails), then the checker should broadcast on “Set Real Bridge”. Make a trigger receiving on “Set Fake Bridge” and another one receiving on “Set Real Bridge”. Make a trigger broadcasting on “deactivate real bridge” and another one broadcasting on “deactivate fake bridge”. Wire the triggers receiving on “Set ____ Bridge” to the ones broadcasting on “deactivate ____ bridge”. Now, make the trigger receiving in “Set Real Bridge” broadcast on “activate real bridge”, and make the same the one receiving on “Set Fake Bridge” broadcast on “activate fake bridge”. And now you’re done!


Nice guide so far!

When I first saw this, I thought, “Wow, Getrithekd making art?”


Can you add photos?

It would just look like a bridge with lasers at the sides. And @wingwave this is still mechanics. I just added the art tag for fun.


I suggest u add photos, or it could be flagged for being small like my other post: :sob:

That was off topic, right? This isn’t.

Technically, no, it wasn’t off topic. I was asking for ideas

Oh. So I don’t get why that was flagged…

See! I told u

I almost got flagged for this topic: How to make an in-game chat system Difficulty: :orange_square:

no way
getrithekd is making art
getrithekd is gonna become pro at both coding and art

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It’s just a random tag lol. It’s still a mechanic.

This is cool!


no images?

I might add them.

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