How to make a boss with 4 special attacks

I need help to make a boss. I want it so that it has four attacks. The first one activates 3 sentries to use snowball launchers against the players. The second attack sets on powerful lasers the you need to dodge. The third attack makes the boss attack you with his weapon. The fourth attack is randomly making a player take 50 damage and makes the player who is attacked get a notification that he was attacked. I want to make it so you have only one life, and if you die, you turn into a spectator

Player Enters Zone > Start Repeater

Repeater Runs Task > Trigger

Trigger Blockcode:

Set [Variable] to random integer from 1 to 4

if [Variable = 1
do Broadcast Message On Channel “activatesentries”

else if [Variable] = 2 
do Broadcast Message On Channel “activatelasers”

else if [Variable] = 3
do “randomplayerrespawn”

Also, I’m confused with the third attack, sentries automatically attack you with their weapon.


This guide may help along with Haiasi’s:

how would the channels be set up?

It’s exactly how they were named.

Channel 1 activates three sentries,

Channel 2 activates lasers,

And Channel 3 Respawns the player.

no, what do i use to set up the channels?

and there are 4 attacks, in the code, there are only 3

Use the sentry “activate when receiving on” channel for the first one,

Sentry “activate lasers when receiving on”
channel for the second one

And a Respawn device channel “respawn player when receiving on”

but how would i send a channel to the sentry for the first one, and there are only 3 attacks in the post! There are supposted to be 4

Also, you can add more attack 1 and attack 2 attacks in the blockcode, to make the respawn not too common.

When the variable’s integer is 1, it broadcasts a signal on a channel to activate a sentry.
Same idea applies for all channels but with different events.

haisai, you gotta help me! Bro, can you send pictures of the steps to make the channels without the trigger!

You need the trigger for the blockcode.
Email me at if you want to debug together.