How to make a boss hp bar on top of screen

Im making a boss and its really important, and I want to make a hp bar on top of the screen with the name of the boss being “King Thorn”

The only way i can think of doing this is with game overlays set on the text function…

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You can’t track player/sentry health but you can use health-fractions with multiple sentries.

Sentry Knocked Out > Send Notification

Sentry Knocked Out!

Boss Health #/# [insert health-fraction]

Sentry Knocked Out > Activate Sentry

And repeat

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I don’t really care as much about the hp part I really kinda just want to know how to make a giant text on top of screen that says “King Thorn” and a specific amount of hp he has

like in the top middle

Use Game Overlays that hide and show when sentries get knocked out.

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You can use barriers to make the bar, and when sentry takes so much damage the barriers 1 by 1 go invisable so it looks like its shrinking.


yeah I could do that, but what about the text part in the middle of the screen

You can only make text show up in the top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right of your screen with a Game Overlay.
You could try using Coordinate Systems and Showing/Hiding text though.

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use the text device and have multiple of them so when barrier deactivates, number changes.

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alright thank you, I don’t really know which one to mark a solution because all of the answers are kinda scattered…

I’ll just do that one since its the most helpful

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Your welcome, and yeah…
Let me know if i can help you with anything else.

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