How to make a birthday cake (⬜️ or 0/10)

Happy birthday, gimkit for 6 years!
today we will be making a cake

1st. Take out a wooden pole and make it big then set its color if you want mine here, R=219, B=0, and G=179

2. then take another make it smaller and make it above the big one here are the colors.
R=206, B=105 and G=188
3. make another one and make this the smallest and above the second pole. Here if you want mine, R=253, B=229, and G=124.
4. take out normal wooden poles for the candles and you can do how many you want, I’m doing 6 for gimkit.
5. Then add fire emojis by copying and pasting them in the text box
That’s how you make a birthday cake.
Happy birthday Gimkit !
@Techno out


Nice guide! I might use this but shrink and modify the design a little bit for one of my maps.

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Nice guide!

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dont forget to say happy birthday

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@Techno the easy tag is unused.

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okay i did not know sorry

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If they already added candles, I guess you could resize them and recolor them to match with the cake, and put them a layer below the poles, so it looks like the candles are in the cake, and not on top of the cake.
Idk, though. <------ Saying this just in case it doesn’t look good.

Cute and thoughtful guide!

Nice guide! I suggest putting the the wooden poles under the fire to make it look a little better :fire:

Happy Birthday GKC :partying_face: :tada:!!!

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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday GKC, happy birthday to you!