How to make a bathroom (minor spelling errors)

When making a house the bathroom is a key part and you want to make it look good. You don’t want it to end like this…

Fist you want to place down your barbie floor.

Then you add your details (i forgot to take pictures)

It’s important to use emojis when you don’t have a the prop, they did not have sink emoji or rug so I tried my best.

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OH WOW that’s cool…also Barbie floor???

Here’s another bathroom example:
Using barriers

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You may want to add the steps on how to make this and the materials used, or this will be a showcase.

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Spelling error ( auto correct…)

I forgot to take the pictures :frowning:

well, go back and take the photos…

it looks like you hit the HD button on it


that looks cool very creative

its to late you want me to restart?

Sounded a bit rude there

no, can’t you just remake it in your map? It should be pretty easy…


I don’t knowww, i reallly don’t want to all that again…

or just don’t have photos and tell how to make it….

its pretty self explanatory (place down a text put an emoji and scale it up)

Maybe show what emojis to add?

:sunrise:, :anchor: :framed_picture: :shell: :potable_water: :door: :bowl_with_spoon: :toilet: :wastebasket: :white_flag: :roll_of_toilet_paper: :bathtub: is that good for you?

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its not easy at all, try it

this is a good guide! here a tip when u using this guide and made it and trying it out. test it alone do not test with people. trust me you never get bathroom peace time

Dang. That’s rough my guy

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