How to make a balcony

This is my first guide, so sorry if I do anything “wrong” but I’m trying my best!

Anyways, I hope you can put good use to this!


For the “regular” balcony, I used two sets of these stairs. Metal signs layered to look like stairs, and two metal poles for the railings.

Another stair guide I found:
How to Create Working Stairs (Difficulty 1/10 or 🟦 )

The Balcony

For the terrain in the balcony, on about half (bottom) of the room place down your bottom floor flooring (for me, it is boardwalk). On the other half (top), place down your second flooring (mine is speckled gray). Now on the bottom floor, delete part of the row of terrain and add the asphalt road as a wall. Delete the row under it at the same length, and under that row delete another row. Just this time, don’t delete one piece at the end. And for the last part to delete- You know what? It’s probably best if you just best if you copy from the image instead of me explaining all of this. (also there is the other step of deleting part of the asphalt road, and adding in the second floor flooring, but it is probably clearer if you see it in the picture.)


Now for what makes the balcony, an actual balcony: the props. First, the railings, which I used the stone barriers for. Try to get on the edge of the asphalt road, and place as many barriers (or whatever you’re using) as you need.

Now that you have the railings, you can add the stairs if you haven’t already.

And there it is! A complete balcony. (To be honest, you really have to know it is a balcony to know it is a balcony, but I tried my best!)
For other credits: I assume that there is no other guide that has a balcony in it, but still, credits to @M1dnight for the other staircase guide.


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Nice guide! This will be useful for rpg games!


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