How to make a auto xp grinder

how to make a auto xp grinder

you can’t, it doesn’t work, the only way to get exp is to get in on of the original games (like snowbrawl ect)

You can’t grind XP in GKC as you can’t get XP besides answering questions.

you can only do it with questions in gimkit creative and what you can do is all the awesears correct except one

Using the answerer with a kit that has unique answers

This isn’t fortnite creative, you need to answer questions to get XP in GKC, or play one of the official gamemodes to have more ways to get XP.


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Here’s how I grind XP:
I get a text box kit, and make sure the answer is “includes 1”
Then, I spam 1 and enter over and over until I get a lot of energy

The three best maps are fishtopia, tag, and farmchain. Farmchain gives the most because you can spam water and research, but it can be dull. If you want a tiny bit less xp but have more fun, do fishtopia. Or another alternative is to do tag and buy all the upgrades.

Summary: Do farmchain or fishtopia, and maybe tag

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if u buy everything in tag
u get 5k xp
and u can do it in like 5 minutes
which is rlly ez

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yes as everyone is saying you cant make one because people will be abusing it but the way to get more gimbucks will to play tag domination

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