How to make a annoyance chamber Difficulty: 2/10

Hello, I decided it’s been long enough I want to make a guide no matter what it is, so let’s get started.

  1. You want to decide what you want the reason for annoying them such as joining late (Things can change depending on what you choose)

  2. Set up a lifecycle and make it trigger when someone joins late.

  3. Connect the lifecycle to a teleporter that teleports anyone who joins late to any small area locked off from the rest of the game, and set when the player teleports: do any channel you want here

  4. Make a repeater to activate when you teleport, and set the time for 0.5.

  5. Make 4 notifications go off when the channel is set and make each notification on a different corner of the screen.

Please feel free to make suggestions as this was just for fun and I’m not very good at writing.


Great guide! Maybe add a difficulty and some pictures.


Im having a problem with this where it’s not teleporting you I will try to fix that here soon

That’s a pretty good guide, @Pickle-Person! Glad to see you back making guides on the forum!

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Nice guide @Pickle-Person!

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(lands in annoyance chamber)

(runs around for a second or two)

(screams in frustration because stuck)

(burmps this guide)

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You misspelled bump. I wish I could burmp things.

Oh i did it on purpose, burmping is fun

Me too, I wish i could burmp things

Hey guys let’s get back on-topic here.


Great guide, @Pickles_Person! bump

You @ the wrong person

slightly aggravated and annoyed bump

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