How to make a 4 room house

step one:bild the square

step 2:bedrooms

step 3:offices

Isn’t this supposed to be in Community Made Guides and art?
I’ll change the category and tag if you don’t mind.

It might be better to add this guide here as art guides have been causing lots of clutter lately.


what do you need help with.

oh!yeah i keep forgeting!im sorry!Im still new

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Your steps lack a little bit of information and details, it is a bit short so it may get flagged.
Maybe go more into detail about what props and terrain to place?

Also, your gamecode is showing.
Refresh your tab (if you’re still in the game) or edit the gamecode out.


Very nice guide @moonpool. maybe you can add a little more info.

Nice guide!

Nice guide!

also by the way I would recommend not showing your code in the image
You never know if someone will just go into your map and delete everything