How to make a 4 digit code READ PLEASEE

I saw previous ones but I get lost in the middle of it so I need a video or picture to help me please someone help asap

that;s the one that confused dx7h


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I’m not that good with this building stuff so you might need a regular expert like Haiasi or wingwave

If this can wait until tomorrow, then I can get you a block code picture.

I’m probably reading this wrong - but if you mean a 4-number code in Gimkit, like “go to Gimkit - live learning game show and enter 314159”, it’s just luck, 5-number codes happen when the starting digit would have been a 0, so 4-number codes might happen when the starting digits would have been 00.

I think they are taking about codes that you can implement into GKC, not game codes.


Yeah, they said “How to MAKE a 4 digit code.”

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What step did you get stuck on in this guide How to make a working 4-digit code! Difficulty: 3/10

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the one Toronto recommends is way more simple. So try that.

how did you know I was stuck on that?

Oh bc i replied on it

the part 3 and 4 because It said to wire counter to property

@dx7h You don’t wire it. go to counter settings and find the property tab turn to to yes update property and out in the name of the property

This is the solution. TO confirm, you go in the counter, Property, set update property to yes, and then put the name of the property.

They probably are talking about a keypad in GKC, not a real code.
Also, welcome to the forums @Alr !

what do u mean???/////


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Screenshot 2024-01-18 9.37.35 AM