How to make 4 different admin areas (2/10)

Hello! You might have had a feeling once that your Gimkit game is unfair to you or other players. A simple (and maybe controversial) solution is to make an admin area. Now, you obviously wouldn’t put it right in the open, so I’m giving you a few ideas on how to hide it.

The first one is very simple. If your map is enclosed on all sides by a prop or terrain, then you can easily make it so you can pass through a portion of it. For walls made of terrain, you can delete the existing wall and replace it with floor terrain. For props, you can go to Featured > Collision Enabled.

The second one is also simple. All you have to do is link a pair of Teleporters and have the first Teleporter (the entrance) hidden behind a prop and the second Teleporter lead into a room that is inaccessible other than through the teleporter. You could even combine the first one with the second one, having the entrance out of bounds.

The next one doesn’t lead to an area, but is rather an option that is triggered at the start of the game. It makes it so a player by a certain name gets special abilities. By the way, this is inspired by an article I saw once, so credit to them. First, place down a Lifecycle, Relay, and Trigger. Set the Lifecycle to “Game Start” and link the Lifecycle to the Relay and the Relay to the Trigger.

Next, go to the Blocks menu for the Trigger. Put in the following blocks, but replace “your name” with the username you use in your games most. What you trigger on the channel “God Mode” is up to you. You could use an Item Granter to get a powerful weapon, a Speed Modifier or a Damage Boost!

The next one is made using vending machines. First, copy the first one, but change the channel name to “Grant” and link it to an Item Granter that grants you an obscure item like a Green Seed. You could make it so the Item Granter grants more than one so you can give it to friends you trust.

Next, place down an invisible vending machine (Appearance > Visible In-Game) in a spot you know no one will ever look. Make it so it requires a single green seed to open, and so it transmits on channel when purchased. (Featured > Required Item and Transmit on Channel > Purchase Action) Then place down two Teleporters and make one invisible. Put one in your secret area, and link the vending machine to the other. (Item Purchased > Teleport Player to Target) If it doesn’t work, make sure the two teleporters are linked by a group.

You can make a lot more combinations of these, such as an out-of-bounds death plane that disables itself for a player if they walk over a certain spot on the map with a certain item given to them at the start of the game. Have fun using these all to cheat in your games!


Nice guide!

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Great guide anyways!

Nice guide!

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Nice guide!