How to make 2 Cod zombies perk machines (More perks coming soon) (Dificulty: ⬜)

this will be for deadshot daiquiri and stamina-up

Step 1.
Place down a 3D printer and dye it dark green (I used r14 g117 b0) like this
Step 2.
Place down a bush and rotate it (I also used the same color as the 3D printer) like this
Step 3.
Get 3 blackboard legs (Just leave it its base color) like this

And that’s Deadshot daiquiri, Now for Stamina-up

Step 1.
Place down a cardboard box (The color is r255 g162 b0) like this, and if you want to you can add a little 10-cent text above the x on the box
Step 2
Add another cardboard box, smaller than the last one, like this
Step 3.
Add another smaller cardboard box, and add text with a shoe or skate emoji (same color as last time) like this
Step 4.
Get space trash, turn it upright, and add 4, like this
Step 5.
Add finishing touches, like the colored boxes on the machine, like this

And now you’re done, I hope people enjoy this and I hope this helps people (stamina-up = speed up Deadshot daiquiri = sentries are more accurate, or at least what I will do.)


Nice art guide, @Coffee!

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dang this is old



Oh boy, it’s you, @Coffee! It’s great to hear from you again! I’ll be using these on my zombies gimkit map soon! Thank you!
sips some quick revive lol

No, that’s for the difficulty. Usually, art guides are 0/10 or :white_large_square: because you are only moving things around.

I know you have stuff done like mule kick and widow’s,but are you going to make tutorials for the ones you’re missing?

I made a jugger-nog machine, I just need quick revive, and vulture aid, other than that, I think I’m done (P.S. I ain’t doing elemental pop or death perception)

ok thanks. elemental pop seems to complicated and death perception was just trash in game

I like this! I was considering making a COD map when I was done with Hollow Knight + GimKart. I will definitely use this art!