How To Layer Props [WIP]

If you have ever wanted to place a computer on a table or pumpkin growing In front of a tree, this is the guide for you!

First step: place all of the props you need somewhat close to each other In my case a bush and a yellow snow pile.
Screenshot 2024-05-12 8.33.11 AM
Then in the top left you should see three lines stacked on top of each other you should click that button.
Screenshot 2024-05-12 8.35.23 AM
After you have clicked the button A screen should pop up that shows the props your standing next to if they do not show then go stand closer to the props.
Finally click the up arrow on the prop that you want to be In front of the other until it passes the prop you want behind.

Now all you have to do is move them onto each other!

That all hope you like my guide

No offense but

  1. We already have guides on this- big guides
  2. This is short and will probably get flagged

Why is there a guide on this


I agree with MirMirCreates :confused: