How to interact with propes

i have played games where you can interact with things but i don’t know how to do that. can you help.

Just use an invisible Button or Vending Machine.

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will that work? it’s an arcade thing so that would mean a lot of buttons

Just make their interaction range bigger then.
What are you trying to make?

a thing where you “play the arcade” and you get tickets, for prizes you know…

You can just put an invisible button near or on top of the vending machine prop. Do you want the player to be able to physically play the game?

no just interacted with it. not play the game fiscally themselves

so the acrade would say “play this game” and then you would do the thing where it’s loading and when it’s done you get tickets

Place a button and set it to be invisible in game. Move it near the arcade machine. Place a pop-up and you can have it say something like “loading…” Connect the button to a wire repeater. Set its delay to three seconds. Also connect the button to the pop-up to open it. Connect the wire repeater to the pop-up to close it and also an item granter. The delay in the wire repeater will make it so you have to wait a few seconds before you get the item.

ok thanks :slight_smile: dhfkahfkjsdfajks

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well though there is solution I have done a questioner with arcade machine

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