How to give a random player mod powers

First, you need a lifecycle and a relay wired and set the settings to game start and random player. If you want, you can also throw in a notification so they’re aware.


How to make a Button that will Teleport Everyone [2/10 or 🟩 ]


If you want the player to be random, you could have a game overlay (button) that when pressed, relay thing, and set player to configured team (spectators)

Filthy Rich

Well, our mods gotta be rich right? To make them rich, you could have a button that gives a lot of in-game currency using game overlay and item granter.

WIP! Not finished.

Cool Guide.

any ideas of what I should add?

Inf Money

Nice Guide!!!

Add super speed. Give overpowered weapons, 10x damage boosters, make everyone stop moving besides you. Literally stopping time right there.

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bump cuz gimsolvers kool

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