How to get randomised loot after destroying a prop (SOLVED)

i need it

Welcome to the community, my classmate!

Use loot tables. There’s a guide on them.

He’s doing the tutorial for discobot right now. Although he does not know what block code is.

Welcome to the community! You could create a loot table that grants the player a random item when the prop is destroyed using block code. If you want to know more, just look up loot tables. (Nice pfp! Yoshi’s my favorite!)

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Is he actually your classmate?

u like pokemon too?

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I’m a pokemon geek! It’s nice to have someone else on this forum who likes pokemon.

Also make sure to mark a solution if somebody helped you! It helps to not have clutter.

Guys, please don’t get off-topic. This isn’t the place to talk about pokemon.

But it’s pokemon :frowning: Also, if Gimkit is more laid back on off-topic posting why can’t we be?

People can off-topic post if -

  1. The topic started to be really boring
  2. Forums started to be dead

We’re also trying to let you visit for 50 days so you can get regular, like Vortex-mist for some reason visited 50 days and got regular tl3 really fast.

All for me? Wow! :blush:

Almost everyone who’s 50th day was over the summer got Tl3 because you could read almost every topic.

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