How to get past Builders Block

Many people here build maps, which also means people can encounter the phenomenon known as Builders Block. This is where you build a great map, create another map, and then you don’t know what to do for it. Well, I have made this guide just for you. Here are a couple of tips and tricks that can help you overcome the dreaded Builders Block.

Use a random game generator or wheel

I like this method on a personal level. It turns creating your next game, into a game all in itself! You can either go to a website that creates one for you, or you can put different genres on a wheel and spin it. These two options have helped me out a lot whenever I have had Builders Block.

Chat GPT

Ok, Probably most of you saw this coming. And I don’t blame you. Chat GPT is a really good solution to destroy Builders Block. Just type in “Make me a random idea for a game mode.” and it will do the rest. I will note that it is not easily accessible for some people, as it does require an email as well as a phone number when signing up, so this option isn’t the best, but it works for some people.

J.M.A Method

The J.M.A or Just Mess Around method, is a great idea as well. Just take random props, devices, or terrain, and see what sparks your ideas. For example, see what kind of mechanic you can make using a Trigger, a Waypoint, a Checkpoint, and a Popup. Messing around can help you see things from a different angle, and also accidentally create new things. A famous person once said, “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.”

Ask The Forum

As suggested by @ClicClac, asking the forum is a great way to get ideas to help make a map. Someone could give you an idea that sounds perfect for a game, and you can make that idea into a reality.

I hope that this guide helps people on here who have Builders Block.


Nice Guide! I like the name “Builders Block”, quite creative.

I don’t know what to draw( in pencil or on computer)
so I just draw cartoon faces in pencil
and text art with computer

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All it takes is a random idea to spark a flame.

my ideas are pretty random

Same, but they still look decent, and thats what matters. It might appeal to some people, you never really know.

no no I meant like
example; purple capybara riding on a motorcycle
like that random
not bad or anything, just not ordinarily seen or heard of

Yeah, but motorcycle hasn’t been made yet, see, and idea in everything.

what the-
oh when you said motorcycle hasn’t been made I thought you meant it didn’t exist
yea might be able to make that


This is a cool guide! I can see this helping somebody if they are stuck.

I am definitely using this!

nice guide!

wait a sec, isn’t it “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents."?
Hey, it is!
Screenshot 2024-01-03 11.11.56 AM

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Lol, lets get back on-topic now

Nice guide! I’m surprised “ask the forums” wasn’t on the list though…

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Thanks! Its basically like Writers Block, but worse lol.

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That is a good idea! Ill have to add it.

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@capybara22 hi what do i do know