How to get health and shield when you knock out someone (Difficulty: 0/10 or ⬜


You prob came here because of your battle royale, since snowbrawl has this. Well, it’s really easy to build, but most of the beginners won’t know how to build it.

This guide is easy and recommended for beginners if they want to build this, anyways, what are we even doing? Let’s get this STARTED!


Lifecycle Device x1
Health Granter x1
Wire x1

Note that i didn’t use any screenshots because i was too lazy and busy with another guide. This is also a short guide.

  1. Get a LifeCycle device, and put it down on your map.

  2. Click on the Lifecycle, and change event to “Player Knocks Out”.

  3. Get a Health Granter device, and put it down on your map.

  4. Click on the Health Granter device, and set the health granting to whatever you want for the health to increase.

  5. For the 2nd Option, set it to “Health, then Shield”.

  6. Press Z and Wire the Lifecycle (pink) device to the Health Granter (blue) device. When event occurs, grant player health (click these 2 boxes).

And you’re done, i hope you enjoy!

(also i know this might be a vague guide)


Nice! A simple guide that is very useful for new users!

I almost thought you said this is a vague post for a second-