How to freeze sentry with the snowball launcher (NO CODING NEEDED)

In this guide ill show you how to freeze sentry so they can’t sh00t and detect that its a snowball that hit them with no coding or wires.

set up

First get an item manager and set max snowballs to the amount you want im doing 100.

then get a checker and make a channel called (Freeze?)

and another called FREEZE for if it passes

then check for snowball less then i my case 100 but do whatever you made the limit.

make them freeze

now you need a prop it doesn’t matter to much which kind it is as long as it 1. can be damaged and 2. can be fit behind a sentry.
I’m using a black brief case.
set when prop destroyed to the channel that we made freeze?
and set hp to 1 note. you can change this if you want.

Make Shure that the layers look like this

tint and enlarge then stack the prop and sentry

now get a barrier you can make it how you want but if you want it to look like ice do this

then turn on these

and your done!

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Great guide! I love that this doesn’t involve coding.

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Thx! it doesn’t have wire either for min storage